What is Mimi Up To?

Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing well especially among COVID-19 pandemic.

I am doing okay but anxiety is always going to plague most of us, considering our circumstances. This is what i have been doing, with my husband and daughter to stay busy!

1) Click & Collect -> Friendly Stranger Burlington

I took a drive to Plains RD E in Burlington to check out the new "Click & Collect" system.

The Budtender was super nice, checked my ID in the window, and placed my order in the trunk! Easy Peezy! I loved the ease of it and would 100% do it again!

2) Ontario Cannabis Store recommendations from Mimi!

-Redecan "Wappa"

- Broken Coast - "Quadra"

- 7ACRES "White Widow"

3) Going on Cannabis Nation -> Presented by Cannawrite!

Episode on Youtube Now!

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